Business Law & Services

Accessible, practical and affordable legal representation DEDICATED TO YOUR BUSINESS, FINANCIAL & PERSONAL INTERESTS.

The lists below are some of the services Meyer Law provides:

Meyer Law PLLC is here to assist you with your business by providing services tailored to your specific needs.  Whether you just have questions about a business idea, need assistance with forming a new business, require representation to enforce or defend contract disputes, or to dissolve or otherwise exit a business, Meyer Law is here to help.

Your business and your personal life are undeniably dependent upon each other.

Meyer Law will help you plan for what happens to your business and your personal assets, whether they pass to the next generation through your estate or as part of your retirement plan.

Simple, flat-fee arrangements for all family and business types available.

Meyer Law PLLC provides legal advice and representation to landlords, tenants, building managers, and facility owners regarding both commercial and residential leasing agreements, enforcement of leases, resolving landlord and tenant conflicts, and evictions.